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and in a wide sea of eyes i see one pair i recognize

and where was i the day before
i first saw your lovely face
now i see it every day and i know
that i am, i am
the luckiest...

when i was younger my mother told me i was her sweet child...that i have a heart with an incredible capacity for love and compassion...that she would always worry people will take advantage of that.

i've been thinking about that a lot lately, because sometimes my heart feels so full of feeling that i think it will burst inside my chest. that i fear losing you so much because every day my love for you expands, and i can't imagine how empty my heart would feel without you. sometimes i worry that i'm a sucker, that i love too hard without abandon...that i am just not careful enough.

but i think i don't care. i don't want it any other way. i don't want anyone else. and even if it sometimes feels like all we do is work to stay together, mostly i feel like it's second nature. beneath my stone, beneath my irrational and wild fears, beneath my bruises and scars, there is only this one truest love; without limits or boundaries...i want to be yours for always.

i love you more than i have ever found a way to say to you...
-ben folds
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