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there's a chill in my bones and i don't want to be left alone...

currently i feel as though all my stress and anxiety has been wadded into a tight ball of pain and shoved in the base of my neck, where it now resides.

i am hoping to go home and do some cleaning/reorganzing at home in hopes of having a nice craft/art space in our home. lately i feel so sick and tierd of my life and i need something healthy to put my energy into. i feel like i spend all of my time working, or being exhausted, or feeling shit*tastic. on good days maybe even all of the above. im still not entierly sure what thats about but i think it has a lot to do with a many different areas of my life.

right now there are babies who decided to wake up 10 minutes early from their already too short nap. i wish they would stop playing this game...

perhaps i will update more later...for now, off to baby-wrangle.
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