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yours are the sweetest eyes i've ever seen

currently i am expiriencing the kind of joy that only comes from; two babies sleeping soundly in their respective cribs ::knock on wood:: thus far, today has been a good day. this is the first week of officially being a full time nanny to the twins and i must say, i f*ing love my job. i anticipate it growing better with time too, as i watch these two little people grow and change. already i am in love.

my mother and my aunt came to visit last weekend. the visit itself went remarkably well. my aunt started using male pronouns for the first time ever, and my mom did her very best to avoid pronouns and names. which, is an improvment. it was really nice to show them my new home, to introduce them to my friends and godson, have them spend more time with alexander, and just spend time with family without much stress. i wonder if it felt that way to them, or it feels like being in a completly different world; much like when i am in conneticut. ::shrug:: they seemed to have a nice time and we made tentative plans for mom to come back in the spring and spend a weekend helping me plant a garden.

also over the last week i recconected with my high school boyfriend. i came out to him and he wrote a genuinely sweet and respectful email to me. turns out some people don't change that much, he seems to be the same caring man i knew him to be seven years ago. then over the weekened i got an email from one of my best friends from high school. we have, more or less, lost touch over the years for some reasons he explained in his email. it was so good to hear from him and to know that the distance between us is not too great.

as spring is approaching i am feeling the pull to really kick my ass into shape by the time summer gets here. i have been trying to wake up earlier this week in hopes that i can start getting myself up at 5:30 to go to the gym for an hour before work. if i can pull it off i think it will be a good way to start my day. now i have to master putting myself to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up late downloading music and watching bad tv.

in other wednesday alexander and i celebrate one gay year together. i can't even put to words all the changes our relationship has undergone in the last year. but here, by the grace of god, we stand; still together and in love. who knew dirty dances at gay bars could lead to something so sweet and true. ::ex and ohhh prince/ss of mine::
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